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Welcome to Your Gluten Free Kitchen

You're About to Learn How To Cook Better, Feel Better & Live Better

You Will Discover Tricks & Tips That Have Been Hidden

Now You Have at Your Fingertips...

CheckMarkFood so tasty you'll never think you're on a "special diet"...

CheckMarkMeals that are not only satisfying, but will save you
 money on groceries...

CheckMarkSources and secrets that answer all your questions about attaining gluten freedom

All you have to do is follow along - my gluten free recipes are tested and tried on celiacs and non-celiacs alike. If someone doesn't ask for the recipe, it doesn't pass my taste test!

And wait until you see how easy and affordable it is to cook gluten free at home without Kathy-Hiexpensive "convenience" products that taste like sawdust.

I'm Kathy, founder of Your Gluten Free Kitchen, and I'm on the same journey you are - the journey of living gluten free.

Whether you've just been diagnosed with celiac disease, or are farther along than that, I know just what you're looking for. In fact, I'll bet your first three questions were:


What can I eat?                        

How do I shop?                        

How do I cook?                        


Naturally you feel overwhelmed at the prospect of changing how you eat - and maybe a bit insulted that you even have to! Are you doomed to a life of Deprivation while everyone around you gets to eat all the good stuff?

Absolutely not!

Right now you're confused and frustrated, but all you really need to do is stop for a moment and take a deep breath.

Ready? Close your eyes...breathe in...hold for a moment...and breathe out...

Now, let's get started on your new - wonderful - way of life!

You are going to feel so good you'll never look back and long for old favorite foods. A scrumptious, gluten free menu will become a lifestyle you will embrace and be thankful for.

Living gluten free is NOT about what you can't have - it's your ticket to health and freedom. You won't feel "alone" or "different" when you learn the secrets of cooking fabulous tasting food the whole family can enjoy.

There is positively no suffering allowed here! Only delicious food that will put the joy back into your shopping and cooking so you can get on with all the fun things you want to do in life.


Come along, my friend...


Let's Eat! 

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