CDF Convention 2011


Since I was away this past week at the CDF Celiac Faire in Universal City California,

I didn’t have time to bake!

So, I will share with you what I saw and ate.



The faire was lots of fun. I took my family with me to this one and they all helped me set up. I sold my cookbooks and got people to sign up for this free newsletter.

I got a chance to see the “Bready” machine in action and taste the bread afterwards. Very delicious. The Bready bread machine is very easy to use with the mixes already to go. You just pop in and bread pops out.

Found out that the Lundberg wild rice blends will be stocked in Wal-Mart’s very soon. This is a great rice blend. Tastes wonderful. I use it quite often myself. I’m glad it will be easier to find.

Got to taste Schar’s par baked baguettes. They are packed in shelf stable wrapping. You preheat your oven and finish baking them. Fresh bread in 10 minutes. It was chewy, crusty and had a great taste and mouth feel. I would buy these for garlic toast or for making bruchette. Really good.

Also found a new product (to me anyway). It’s dry powdered rice milk and rice protein like you would use for protein shakes. They have a shelf life of 2 years in their original packaging. They are both organic and backed by the Celiac Disease Foundation.

The Rice Protein Isolate comes in single serving packs or in a large bag. They have original, vanilla or chocolate flavors. You could add this to the dry ingredients in your baked goods and increase the protein quite a bit.

Each single serving pack has 24 grams of protein. I would replace ¼ cup of gluten free flour with this and continue with the recipe.

The Rice milk also comes in single serving packs or a large bag. It also comes in the same flavors and has 8 grams of protein.

You can find it at

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