How to make Gluten free Pie Crust

November 11, 2014
How to make Gluten free Pie Crust

I’ve been a baker for years. Now that I have to make everything gluten free, there really are tricks and tips you need in order for your baked goods to turn out yummy and tasty. This article from King Arthur Flour gives you 8 tips on how to make the best gluten free pie crust ever.

Just in time for Thanksgiving… high pie season. Read thru their instructions and make some pie! Send me pics please.


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8 tips for making the Perfect Gluten Free Pie Crust

Do you have a house guest this holiday season who’s gluten-free? Or are you yourself gluten-free and responsible for bringing a dessert that everyone will enjoy?

If so you’re in luck, because today we’re going to help you perfect your very own gluten-free pie crust.

When most people think of gluten-free baked goods, they think of the stuff they see on store shelves – cardboard crackers, overly sweet cookies, flavorless muffins, etc. They assume that because it doesn’t contain gluten, it’ll taste like it doesn’t contain gluten. Meaning, it’ll be tasteless and unenjoyable.

Happily, and if any of our other recipes are proof, this statement couldn’t be farther from the truth. Not only is it possible to create delicious baked goods without the gluten, I would venture to say that sometimes the gluten-free version tastes even better.

If there’s one thing I think people struggle with when it comes to holiday baking, my guess is pie. Why? Because of the crust.

Many gluten-free pie crust recipes you find online tend to not hold their shape, crumble when you try to put them into the pie dish, or are more like a tart shell that you press into the pan. Sure, that’s fine, they still taste good, but they’re not going to be that tender, buttery, flaky pie crust that you’re looking for.

So rather than just sending you off with another recipe to go test on your own, we’ve pulled our baking minds together and come up with a few tips for you. We hope these tips will make your gluten-free pie baking not only more enjoyable this year, but also yield that perfect crust you’re looking for.

Tip #1: Don’t convert your wheat-based recipe to gluten-free

Fact of the matter is, they just aren’t the same. Wheat-based crusts contain gluten and therefore need different ratios of liquid as well as different flour ratios. With our gluten-free pie crust recipe, you’ll notice we add Instant ClearJel as well as xanthan gum, both of which help keep the crust pliable and easy to roll out. Go with the a trusted gluten-free crust recipe (like ours!) that you can have confidence in, and know it will turn out.


I’ve only included one tip here.

Pop on over to the article and find out the rest.

8 tips for making the Perfect Gluten free Pie Crust

Source: King Arthur Flour

Photo: Denise Krebs



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