Gluten Free Donuts for Sunday

gluten free donuts for Sunday Super Bowl

These gluten free donuts from Gluten Free on a Shoestring look amazing. The nice thing about them is No Yeast Required. Yep, these are made from gluten free biscuit dough which is just awesome! Make these for breakfast this Sunday. Hey, you might as well pig out all the way today for Super Bowl anyway.…

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Super Bowl Chicken Nachos

Super Bowl Chicken nachos

Here’s another fantastic Super Bowl recipe direct from the Pioneer Woman. These nachos are making me drool just looking at the pictures. If you serve these, make a lot, you won’t have any leftovers and fights may start over the last bits. Only one substitution needed: Use gluten free Taco seasoning and you’re all set.…

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Gluten Free: Not taken Seriously?

gluten free

Here’s an awesome article from NPR by James S Fell. In it he talks about the rise in public awareness of Gluten Free and how it has caused great advancements and also some angst for those of us with Celiac. His interviews show how, because of it’s “popularity”, those of us who must eat gluten…

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Healthy Gluten Free Chili Recipe

Gluten Free Healthy Chili

Here’s a perfect cold night recipe. Or one for the Super Bowl Game coming soon! Whip up a pot of Paula Deen’s Healthy Hearty Chili. No gluten free substitutions needed, just wholesome ingredients needed. Go ahead and make some gluten free cornbread to go with us. Or, if time is tight, grab some gluten free…

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