9 Blenders are put to the Test.

Grab nine blenders and run them through the paces. That’s what America’s Test Kitchen did to see which one would out-perform all the others. Priced between $80 and $200 , eight blenders were put to the test against the king of blenders…the Vitamix.

Was there one that would keep up?

The test: processing chickpeas out of the can for smooth hummus, extra thick milkshakes with lots of ice cream and crushed pounds and pounds of ice into snow cones or snow balls if you wanted.

They also made frozen rich smoothies and frozen margaritas to see which blenders made smooth frosty drinks.

They checked the speed of the blender with an ingenious method ( never would have thought of that) and also how loud these blenders were. Some can be pretty noisy.

Many of the blenders failed. They couldn’t keep up with crushing ice, making hummus and many stalled when trying to blend thick milkshakes. Isn’t that what you want a blender for?

The ones that made still had a lot of challenges to go thru. Every day for a month they tested each of the remaining blenders by making fresh kale smoothies to see how long they would last and if the kale and other ingredients would be smooth or taste like chunky salad bits.

Performance is based on a few factors for all blenders. Learn this at 2:36.

If you are thinking of purchasing a blender, make sure to watch this video. It’s impressive.

The best blender on the market is the Vitamix. It screams through everything and with a 7 year warrenty it’s hard to beat.

Buy it here!

The next best one that made it through all the tests and gave it a run for it’s money is the :

Breville hemishpere control Blender. It ranked up there with the Vitamix in performance.

Buy it here! And at half the price it’s a good bargain.

Happy blending!

Team Gluten Free Farm Girl


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