Can a pill allow Celiacs to eat gluten?

Scientists are working on a pill that will help to neutralize the effects of gluten.

Celiac pills

This has been 10 years in the making by scientist Hoon Sunwoo and fellow colleagues at the University of Albert

Hoon Sunwoo embarked on a 10-year endeavor to try and find a way to improve the quality of life of not just his friend, but others around the world with the genetic disorder. And he might have cracked it.

Together with colleague Jeong Sim, University of Alberta’s Sunwoo has developed a supplement pill that sticks to the problematic components of gluten that stir inappropriate reactions in the guts of celiacs, thus reducing the damage that would normally ensue from eating the stuff. The idea is that people could pop the pill before consuming products containing gluten, although it’s only a temporary fix for symptoms.

The amazing research that is happening right now is awesome.

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