40 Types of Gluten Free Flour and Starches

When mixing your own gluten free flour blend, it is very smart to be aware of the different types of gluten free flour and starches on the market. Also, keep in mind the basic ratio of 2 cups heavy flour (includes rice, grain, nut, seed, fruit, vegetable, and bean flours) to 1 cup starch (only…

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Make Your Own Gourmet Gluten Free Flour Blend

Want to create something that is uniquely suited for you? Make your own gluten free flour blend. Take your favorite flours and blend them into something you can use for all of your gluten free baking. How to make your own Gluten Free Flour Blends You can use any of these grains or starches for…

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Gluten Free Flour: Why Grind Your Own?

 You Need to Use Whole Grains in Your Baking Everyone’s talking about whole grains. You see recipes for quinoa, millet and other ancient grains in lots of cooking magazines. So how come we don’t see it in the gluten free world? Yeh, people talk about it all the time and then take home gluten free…

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