GIG Convention Florida

Gluten Free Convention

I was honored to be able to attend the GIG convention in Kissimmee Florida last week. The weather cooperated by not raining down on our heads!  I enjoyed talking with fellow gluten free foodies out there!

I met and talked with Vanessa Weisbord,editor of Delight Gluten Free Magazine. She and her staff are taking the magazine into a new direction. Fabulous photos, lot’s of yummy looking recipes, tips on healthy living and travel fav’s are all to be found inside the pages of this magazine.

They also have iphone, ipad and Android versions you can download and purchase. Good for traveling. Who wants to lug more paper around? Not me! The other neat thing inside is the Recipe Index. It allows you to quickly glance at all the recipes and tell which allergens they contain. Handy!

Across from me at the show were the great people from Conrad Rice Mill. They make the Holgrain Crackers and have a new line of gluten free seasonings and rice mixes. They actually grow the rice, gather it up and process it into yummy food for you and me. They do everything from start to finish to make sure that you get the highest quality gluten free products available.

A retail store is available in New Iberia, LA. Or you can get on their mailing list and send off for a catalog. Sandra and Mike Davis are the owners and my husband and I had fun talking with them during the show.

Just a little to my left were the great people from Bob’s Red Mill. I got a chance to meet and talk with Susan Garrett one of their territory Managers for the Southeast. She and her husband were stumping for Bob’s Red Mill. I had forgotten that the company is actually owned and managed by the employees themselves. Pretty neat!

But the most fun of all was getting to talk with all my fellow celiac members out there. We all shared together and talked about food, and how their groups were going, and the latest great recipes or restaurants.

This is what makes going to the conventions so much fun. I get to talk with all of you and find out how you are doing and make new friends! That’s what special about conventions.

If you have never been to one, I encourage you to find out where the next one is. If it’s close enough to you, go! You’ll have a great time!


P.s..Let me know where you will be and I’ll see if I can make it!

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