Gluten Free Crackers Anyone?

Tips for Making Gluten Free Crackers and Flat Breads

Don’t those large crispy flat breads look good? Why can’t you find any gluten free ones? It looks just like a giant cracker with seasonings thrown on top to make it look good. Not fair.

Ever look around for gluten free crackers at the store? For along time the only ones you could find were those waxy looking rice crackers. They taste okay, but they look  weird.

Next, are the seed crackers. If I was a bird, I could really go for those. I’m not a bird!

Then the “regular” crackers started coming on the market. Every time I try to spread my peanut butter on them they break apart in my hand! And the amount you get in one of those boxes is not much for the price. This frugal soul has a hard time with that.

So, here we go again!

Gotta make our own. What else is new?

Tip #1

Use your food processor. You don’t need to worry about over working the dough. Place your dry goods in, add the fat, pulse, add the liquid, pulse to pull together, done!


Now the hard part, rolling! You want to get your dough THIN. Place whatever portion your working with onto parchment paper (told you it was handy). Cover with another piece and start rolling. Keep rolling until it is very thin ( 1/16 inch).

Gently pull off the top piece of parchment. Cut your cracker dough into the size you want with a pizza cutter. Lift the whole thing, crackers and paper, to a baking sheet and bake. For flat breads, do the same but don’t cut it into squares.

Tip #3

If you are going to add extra seeds on top of your crackers or flat bread, do it while you roll them out. They will adhere better since you have pushed them into the dough.

Sprinkle salt or seasonings on after you have rolled and before or after you cut them up. It really doesn’t matter.

Tip #4

Only re-roll scraps once! After that, they get too tough for crispy crackers. You want light and crispy, not tree bark texture!

 Tip #5

Walk around your grocery store and take note of the different kinds of crackers there are. You can incorporate those same flavorings and toppings in your homemade ones.

You can make your own glorious works of cracker/flat bread art. Such drama to be found in a humble cracker. Start today and enjoy the accolades. Make sure to take a bow.

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