Gluten Free Pie Crust

8 no-fail tips for making gluten free pie crust.

It’s no secret that we are great fans of King Arthur Flour. They put all their heart and soul into making yummy baked goods gluten free. which is great for us.

Gluten free pie crust
Photo courtesy of King Arthur Flour®

In this blog post on Flourish, they walk you through the different steps they take to make an awesome gluten free pie crust. Not only for a single crust pie, but for a double crust pie. It you have ever tried to get a gluten free crust on top of a double crust pie, you know how frustrating that can be.

These tips will make it “easy peesy”.

Here’s one tip for you from the list:

Tip #5: Chilling is a must

We suggest that you chill your pie dough before rolling it out to ensure that the butter stays cold and doesn’t start to melt. After you’ve mixed the crust, wrap it in plastic wrap or waxed paper and let it chill for at least one hour, or even overnight. Trust us, your crust will taste better and your guests will ask you what your secret is.

Go here and read the rest of the tips. Click here!

This will help you be successful in your pie baking.

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Happy Baking!
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