Gluten free Spaghetti with Pesto

DIY pesto and blistered tomatoes.

This recipe makes enough for 6 people and is ready in 20 minutes.

gluten free spaghetti
Photo courtesy of Barilla® Pasta

No oven needed. Just a big pot, one skillet and a food processor to make your pesto with. You could always buy pre-made pesto if you want. There are some good gluten free ones available.

Here are the ingredients needed:

1 box ( 12oz.) Gluten Free Spaghetti
1 cup spinach washed and packed
10 leaves fresh Italian parsley washed
1 clove garlic peeled
½ cup Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese grated (optional but yummy)
7 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil divided
1 pint grape tomatoes washed
salt and black pepper to taste

Go here for the instructions to make the pesto and blister the tomatoes. Click here!

Happy eating!

Team Gluten Free Farm Girl

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