Gluten free Strawberry Cheesecake Pancakes

Gluten free Strawberry Cheesecake Pancakes

I wish I could pile the family into the car and head to the nearest pancake house to enjoy delicious strawberry cheesecake pancakes. Well, worry no more because you can make an awesome “copycat” recipe at home. This one will blow your mind and while this is supposed to “copycat” the one from a famous pancake house, it’s just so much better because you’re going to use the freshest ingredients available. And it’s all gluten free!

Your family will think it is Christmas.

Makes: 8 4″ pancakes.


1 cup gluten free pancake mix (we used King Arthur Flour brand)

3/4 cup milk, buttermilk, or non-dairy milk

1 egg, large

1 Tbsp. vegetable oil

1 Tbslp. granulated sugar

¼ teaspoon baking soda

4 oz. frozen cream cheese, chopped into small pieces * see the note

Cooking spray

Whipped cream topping, for serving

For Strawberry Sauce:

1 cup sliced strawberries

3 tablespoons strawberry jam

1 tablespoons warm water


In a bowl; mix the strawberries, jam and 2 tablespoons warm water. Once mixed, set aside.

Preheat the oven to 200 degrees Fahrenheit.

Using a blender; pulse the milk, egg, vegetable oil, gf pancake mix, granulated sugar and baking soda until smooth. Transfer to a bowl. Gently stir in the cream cheese pieces, keeping them whole. Allow the batter to sit for 5 minutes.

Use the cooking spray to coat a large nonstick skillet or griddle. Heat it up over medium heat. If using an electric griddle, heat to 350 degrees.

Pour about 1/4 cup batter into the griddle for each pancake, working in batches. Cook until the edges are firm, bubbles form, and the tops lose their gloss. Turn over to finish cooking.

Note: gluten-free pancakes take slightly longer to cook than wheat-based pancakes do.

Transfer the finished pancakes to a baking sheet and keep warm in the pre-heated oven. Serve the pancakes topped with strawberry sauce and whipped cream.

You can double this and make more pancakes if you wish.

Make these for dinner for a really special treat.

*Note: Slightly freeze the cream cheese to begin with. It will be easier to cut into small pieces. Then you can freeze completely.



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