Gluten free Vegan Bakery at WDW®

Downtown Disney® gets it’s own gluten free vegan bakery.

An amazing choice of baked goodies is to be enjoyed and scarfed when you vacation at WDW®.


Baby Cakes Bakery® has set up shop and is cranking out treat after luscious treat for the gluten free crowd.

According to the Huffington Post®

…..So it’d be hard to go hungry at Disney, but those with specific dietary restrictions have to reserve precious time to ensure their meals are safe to eat. Erin McKenna, the founder of BabyCakes bakery, says she brought her gluten-free and vegan shop to the theme park to help make Disney more about the magic for everyone. “Disney is this place that’s a fantasy land,” she tells HuffPost over the phone. “It was really exciting to open [Erin McKenna’s Bakery] there because it was completing that fantasy for a lot of kids and parents with food allergies.” For some, it may feel like magic to walk into an enticing bakery and be able to order anything from the menu……

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One more reason to go the parks anytime of year ( as if one needs a reason.. really.)

Happy parking!

Team Your Gluten Free Kitchen

Photo Resource: Huffington Post

Article resource: Huffington Post


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