Homemade Gluten Free Bread

No more dry, tasteless bread please.

This is the gluten free bread I usually demo at the bread making classes that I teach every 2 months or so. It gives you a good place to start and allows you to add any number of variations to it.

(See the hints below for how to make hamburger buns for sandwiches or sloppy joe’s or burgers).

Gluten Free Bread Recipe

This is a great all purpose gluten free bread recipe. Very versatile. If you master this one bread recipe, you can make rolls, hamburger buns, hot dog buns and bread sticks.Set aside a day to make gluten free bread for your freezer. It will save you time later in the month and still taste as fresh as when you made it!

***Now this picture of bread was  one that was baked in a bread machine, but the oven works the same way. More recipes and tips are in the cookbook: Gluten Free Bread Machine Cookbook. Buy it here.

Kitchen Aid stand mixer directions:

Place in the bowl of your mixer:

1 package of yeast ( 2 1/4 tsp.) I use SAF instant yeast, but any rapid rise yeast will work
3 1/4 cups of gluten free flour ( your favorite flour blend that you have in your kitchen right now!)
2 1/2 tsp xanthan gum
1 1/2 tsp salt
1/2 cup powdered milk (optional)
3 Tb sugar

Using a whisk, combine the dry ingredients together. Place the bowl on the mixer and using the regular white paddle add:

3 eggs, beaten
1/4 cup oil
1 1/2 to 1 3/4 cup warm water (no hotter than 120 degrees)
1 tsp cider vinegar

Always start with the smaller amount of water so you can see if the dough is wet enough without the extra water. It should look like pound cake batter when everything is mixed together, thick but not lumpy. If it is too dry, add the rest of the water. If it is too wet, add in a little more gluten free flour.

Mix for 3 minutes until well combined, dough will be very sticky and look like pound cake batter. Place the bread dough into a 9×5 loaf pan sprayed with non-stick cooking spray. Let it rise until it reaches the top of the pan.

Bake in a pre-heated 350 degree oven for 50 to 65 minutes or until done. Use a toothpick and check the center to make sure it is completely done, no doughy spots.

As your loaf of bread bakes, chances are the top will start to become too brown. Since we have to bake our bread for a long time this is a constant problem.

To keep the top from becoming dark brown or even a little burnt, cover the top of your bread with a piece of aluminum foil that you bend into a tent shape. Gently place it on top of your bread after it has been baking for 30 to 35 minutes.

You don’t want to put the foil on right away because you need the top of your bread to bake and set up before you let the foil touch it, otherwise you will bake your foil into the top of your bread.

To make this into gluten free hamburger buns:

Use a large cookie scoop and place a good dollop of the batter into large muffin cups.

Or you can use english muffin rings if you have any or the 8 oz. pineapple cans that you have taken the top and bottom lids off to make into rings (you have been saving those right….).  Or you can use a muffin top pan or special burger bun pans. Make sure to spray everything with cooking spray as the dough is sticky.

Plop in the dough, let rise to the top of whatever you are using and bake. Check on them at about 20 minutes. If not brown enough, let them go another 10 minutes and check again. Use a toothpick to see if the dough is cooked all the way through.

Cool for 3 minutes then place on wire racks to cool completely.

Happy Baking!

Team Gluten Free Farm Girl and Kathy

If you like this recipe, please go buy our Gluten Free Bread Machine Cookbook.

It has lots of great recipes in it that are easy to do. Buy it here! Click here!


  • Elena Hofmann-Smith

    Reply Reply January 11, 2016

    I bought your bread machine cookbook but am unclear about choosing which program to use. Before dedicating ingredients to this experiment in my Hamilton Beach bread machine, I want to verify the recommended cooking time. My machine has theses cycles: “Quick” with a total cycle of 140 minutes, but bakes 120 minutes,, “express 1.5 pound” with 58 minutes total but bakes 35 minutes, and “express 2 lb” with 58 minutes total but bakes 40 minutes.

    Which do you think would work best with your recipes? I just want to avoid having an undercooked or over cooked mess.

    I really look forward to trying your recipes.

    Thanks for your help!

    • kathy

      Reply Reply January 25, 2016

      Use the cycle that only kneads the dough once. You do not want it to knead twice. If that means the express settings, chose the 2 lb. one. You may need to also add extra baking time to the end of the cycle which you should be able to do on your machine. just keep baking it until a toothpick inserted in the center comes out clean.

      The most important thing is to now let it knead the dough twice.
      Have fun!

  • bev

    Reply Reply May 6, 2016

    On the bread recipe, my gluten free flour already has xanthan gum in so do I still add the extra 2-1/2tsp from this recipe

    • Kathy

      Reply Reply February 6, 2017

      No. Don’t add any extra xanthan gum or it will be very rubbery. Just go with what’s in your flour blend.

  • Malinda

    Reply Reply March 12, 2017

    Hi Kathy,

    I just purchased your Gluten Free Bread Machine cookbook and was wondering if you could help me with a couple of questions on the settings for my machine. I see in a previous answer to Elena I should choose a setting with only one kneading cycle. What about a Rise cycle? Do I want to skip those completely? If so, would the cycle I would program in be one knead cycle and then immediately go to bake for about an hour?

    Thanks for your help!

    • Kathy

      Reply Reply March 17, 2017

      Hi Malinda,

      First of all, thanks for purchasing my book. I hope you like the recipes in there.

      As for your question: If your machine has a Gluten Free Cycle, use that.

      If it does not: Place all the ingredients in the bread machine in the order listed. Press the “Dough” cycle and make sure you help it mix all the ingredients together. Then close the lid and let it finish the dough cylce. Then turn your machine off. Immediately turn it back on and chose the “Bake” cycle and let it bake for an hour.

      Do not turn the machine off yet. Check the bread to make sure it’s done ( it should reach a temp of 200 degrees. If not, go ahead and run the bake cycle again and check your bread every 10 minutes until its done.

      This should give you a great loaf of bread. A little different from the directions in the book. I have found this to work well with older machines and ones without the “Rapid Bake” with just one rise or a dedicated Gluten free cycle.

  • Linda Richard

    Reply Reply April 5, 2017

    Do you use the xanthan gum if your flour blend already has it in it?

    • Kathy

      Reply Reply April 10, 2017

      No I do not. If your flour blend has it already don’t put any more in. Will make it way too rubbery.

  • Tina Eakin

    Reply Reply February 27, 2022

    I purchased your bread machine book and have had a real hard time with the Hawaiian bread recipie. It always comes out either too soft (wet and spongie), it comes out hard, or it comes out like a mishie rock. I have wasted SO much 1 to 1 flour, I have not wanted to try you recipies again. I understand you live in Arizona, and it is much drier there than in western Washington (rains a LOT of the time). Humidity might be my problem with that recipie, I don’t know… I have had success with a few other bread machine recipies, but getting discouraged because the bread machine need “baby sitting”‍♀️

    • Kathy

      Reply Reply February 28, 2022

      Hello Tina,
      Sorry you are having trouble. It is VERY DRY where I live so I have to add a lot more water to my recipes to get them to hydrate enough. So, since you live in high humidity, this is what I suggest. If the bread machine instructions tells you to place the liquid in first, put in about half the amount called for in the recipe. Then add the rest of the ingredients as the instructions tell you. Turn the machine on and watch it to see if you need to add more liquid. Slowly add in the remaining liquid until you get a dough with the consistency of mashed potatoes. You should be good then.
      Hope this helps. Thanks for reaching out. Kathy

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