Is gluten free food healthy?

Study shows that gluten free food may not be as healthy as it can be.

This study done by the George Institute for Global Health tested the nutritional value of regular vs. gluten free food.

Here are some of the findings:

….After looking at over 3,200 products across ten food categories, the researchers were able to find little to no difference in nutritional value of gluten-free food. They looked at core foods, like bread and pasta, but also at those considered to be junk like cookies and chips.

“In the core foods we found significantly lower levels of protein in gluten-free foods, but the remaining content such as sugar and sodium was actually very similar,” said Wu. “The same was the case in the discretionary foods, with almost no difference in their nutritional make-up.”

In fact, some suggest that gluten-free food can even be worse for you, as in order to enhance the flavor and texture they often contain more sugar and fat. In addition, they frequently have fewer vitamins and minerals….

You can read the entire article here: click here!

Those of us with Celiac disease really need to be careful in what we eat. We need to chose more nutritious food over “fake” food.

To your good health!

Team Gluten Free Farm Girl

Original source article by Dr. Jason Wu: click here.


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