List of the most often heard things people say to Celiacs

Here are 21 things that celiacs get to listen to on a daily basis.

Celiac things people say
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Maybe we should print out cards. Or wear a sandwich sign so we don’t have to keep answering the same things over and over again.

Or we could make a recording, with pauses between the answers so when someone asks that same question again!….we can just go right to it and play it.

Here’s a couple of them:


2. “Can’t you just cheat?”

4. “Are you just doing it cause it’s trendy?”

8. “All gluten-free food is terrible.”

11. “We’re all going out to eat, so you probably won’t want to come.”
(If you have friends like this, you need new friends…just sayin)

14. “Science will probably change its mind in, like, three years, and you’ll be safe again.”

20. “I can’t believe you spend that much money on fake bread products. Aren’t you broke from all this?”

Go check out the rest of them. All the classics are there. With some funny visuals to go with them.

We really need cards. Or maybe we could make buttons that light with the answers on them too. And they flash.

Just a thought…..

Have a great day!

Team Gluten Free Farm Girl

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