Roy the Gluten Free Cat

In between making peach jam and zucchini hot dog relish, Roy the gluten free cat, loves to help out any way he can.

Ever since my husband found him outside on one of the coldest winter nights we had in a long time ( it went down to 20 degrees for us…don’t laugh…that’s cold for us and our citrus trees are never happy when it get’s that nippy) Roy has become my constant shadow.

No matter where I am, there he is also.

So, as I sweated away making jam and relish, he decided it was in our best interest to supervise. Here he is in one of his favorite look out spots, on top of the corner cabinet where he can survey his kingdom from on high.


Now that I was finished and starting to get the kitchen back in shape, he came to give me a hand with the dishes. Isn’t he just wonderful to do the dishes for me.


Roy the gluten free cat


My curious helper is always ready to get involved in the next project with me, no matter how messy, dirty, or sweaty it may be.


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