Smile it’s Good For Your Heart

Can stress do you harm?

When you feel good about yourself, you also have a better outlook on life. Many successful people have used their positive attitude to overcome difficult obstacles. You can look on the bright side too and reap the benefits of heart health.

The Heart and Stress

The heart is a muscle. Its job is to deliver oxygenated blood to the organs so the cells can use it to power their tasks. Then the blood cycles past the lungs to pick up more oxygen, and the process begins again.

Stress is one factor that can hurt this powerful muscle. Living under constant stress can lead to changes in the body such as heart disease. It can also create room for depression, anxiety, and hostility. These negative emotions can build up in the body and manifest as diabetes, cancer, stroke, high blood pressure, and heart attacks.

When it comes to overall well-being and heart health, your emotional state is a crucial factor. Dealing with stress involves many different tactics, and improving your outlook on life is one of them.

Failing to Cope

Sometimes there is no way around stress. At this point, how we cope or fail to cope with stress can impact the heart. For instance, depression from stress can lead to poor choices such as emotional eating, drug use, alcohol abuse, and lack of sleep, among other things. Each of these choices can prove extremely detrimental to the body over time.

Coping: Beginning the Conversation

On the other hand, when the mental state is positive, it is possible to make different choices that affect the heart in the opposite direction. A person with a healthy attitude towards stress and positive coping mechanisms will have a healthier heart.

As an example, talking to others and fostering a support system is an excellent coping mechanism. This habit can prevent you from bottling up your feelings, which inevitably leads to depression. Also, the people around you will likely have some constructive ideas to help you solve your problems. By holding that conversation, you can feel better and possibly reach a practical solution.

Endorphins Trump Stress

Another great coping skill is exercising regularly. Physical activity increases your cardiovascular fitness and floods your brain with endorphins. With a happier head, you will see the world more positively and obtain increased confidence to find the solution to your problems.

Bottom line: look on the bright side. It’s good for your heart.

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