The Best Bacon Ever

In less than 1 minute you can make the best bacon ever. Get ready for rave reviews!

Using this simple technique, your bacon will be meaty and tender and….crispy!

I watched this and couldn’t believe how simple this is. Why don’t people tell us these things? All right Mom, you’ve holding out on us and keeping these secrets to yourself.

Not sure which brands of bacon are gluten free?

According to the wonderful people at here’s some brands on the list:

Applegate Farms: I’ve seen this brand at Target
Boars Head: Kroger carries this brand
Butterball: I didn’t even know they made bacon
Dietz & Watson: they have certified gluten free products
Smithfield: which has strict cross-contamination procedures

These are just a few of the brands listed. To see the entire list, go here. Click here.

So go get a great package of gluten free bacon and try out this method. Then post your crispy bacon pics below!

Happy Cooking!
Team Gluten Free Farm Girl

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