Top Pie Plates (review)

Pie Plates are a baker’s friend.

Your kitchen needs to have a good all-purpose pie plate that you can use for quiche, fruit pies, custard pies, cakes (you can bake 8×8 size cakes in a 9” pie dish also for something different), impossible pies, the list goes on.

There are all kinds of pie plates: glass, ceramic, metal, stoneware and silicone.
A good all-around size is a 9” pie plate. It will fit 95% of the recipes you will find.

The most common one and probably the best known is the good ol’ glass pie pan by Pyrex.
Since glass heats up slowly and spreads evenly the bottom crust comes out nice and crisp.

They make both the regular sized one and a deep dish one for pumpkin pie and mile high
apple pies. The deep dish can be recognized by the scalloped edge.
You can probably find them at any rummage sale though they really are very inexpensive to

Emile Henry makes a stoneware pie dish that is heavy, beautiful and can go straight from the
freezer into the oven. If you like to freeze your unbaked pies, this would be the pie dish for
you. It also cleans up beautifully and will last for many years.

Aluminum pie pans are a wonderful heat conductor and also cool quickly which works very well if you like to make pies that require a pre-baked crust like Lemon Meringue, pudding pies or ice box pies. These are also perfect for crumb crusts of any kind and also can go into
the freezer as well.

Companies like Chicago Metallic and USA Pans make very high quality aluminum pie plates.
You can nest your pie plates on top of each other. Just separate them with a round of cardboard, squares of leftover bubble wrap, squares of heavy cushioned shelf liner, or
heavy duty paper plates.

If you’re like me, I can’t resist having one or two of both. That way I’m prepared for
whatever pie my family is in the mood for.

Happy Baking!

Team Gluten Free Farm Girl

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