Take your life back with prepping

Get more time in your day by preparing your meals. Dealing with celiac disease, you often to make almost everything yourself. That’s a lot of time spent in the kitchen. Instead of doing one meal three times a day, why not prepare some of your ingredients for the week ahead of time? Photo source: Organize…

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Perfecting soft boiled eggs

All you need are eggs, water and a saucepan. You don’t need much in the way of ingredients: just eggs and water. You don’t need any fancy equipment: a saucepan, a spoon and a knife. And there are two ways of making them: Hot water method or the cold-water method. Photo courtesy of The Kitchn…

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(Video) Roasted Salsa

DIY Fresh roasted salsa at home. Photo courtesy of Martha Stewart       Watch this video and start making your own salsa at home. Why do we buy this? Hit that farmer’s market and grab some fresh-from-the-farm ingredients and get roasting. Here is the ingredient list for you: 1 large onion 3 jalapeno peppers…

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