Gluten Free Diet: Xanthan Gum and Why You Need It

  Xanthan Gum What is it and why you need it     When you are on a gluten free diet and start baking and cooking with gluten free ingredients, some of them seem a little strange. That is definitely true with xanthan gum. I have a lot of people at my cooking classes ask…

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Gluten Free Bread: Yeast Free Made Easy

Making the easiest bread of all Quick Breads.   Out of the gluten free breads, gluten free quick breads are one of the easiest breads to bake. Not having to deal with yeast and trying to make something that is naturally very glutinous with ingredients that are not, makes this my favorite thing to bake. Quick breads are so…

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Gluten Free Flour: Why Grind Your Own?

 You Need to Use Whole Grains in Your Baking Everyone’s talking about whole grains. You see recipes for quinoa, millet and other ancient grains in lots of cooking magazines. So how come we don’t see it in the gluten free world? Yeh, people talk about it all the time and then take home gluten free…

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