Gluten Free Products: Cookie Scoops

 This is another of those gluten free products that are a “must have” for gluten free baking. Everyone should have this in their kitchen.

Cookie Scoops

  If there was a kitchen tool that every gluten free baker should own it would be cookie scoops. I cannot tell you how many times I reach for these handy little gadgets.

They are great for making drop cookies, getting muffin batter into the muffin cups, shaping biscotti dough, dropping dumpling batter onto a hot stew or cobbler and any thing else that requires a soft dough to be handled for baking or cooking.

Cookie scoops remind me of old fashioned ice cream scoops where you squeeze the handle to release the ice cream onto the cone. The cookie scoops work just the same way. They come in three sizes, a teaspoon, tablespoon and jumbo or 1/4 cup size.

 The teaspoon one is great for making small 2″ cookies and tiny dumplings.

The tablespoon size makes a large 2 1/2″ cookie like the ones in the grocery store bakery. It is also the scoop I use to drop dumpling batter onto my cobblers or stews.

The jumbo or 1/4 cup scoop is perfect for placing muffin batter into muffin cups without getting your fingers all sticky. I use to shape my biscotti by placing scoops in a line and then shaping with my hands.

This scoop will make your cookies into the jumbo 3 1/4″ ones. It can also be used to serve mashed potatoes, macaroni and cheese or any other casserole type dish you want.

i also scoop out my gluten free bread dough with the jumbo cookie scoop for hamburger sized buns. You can find a special burger bun pan here at King Arthur Flour. This pan works great. I give it two thumbs up!


I really love these things!


Ps… My kitchen is loaded with great gadgets! I’ll tell you about each one as we go along.

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