Panasonic Rice Cooker

I don’t know about you, but since being diagnosed with celiac I have been eating more rice. I never quite got the hang of cooking it on the stove top. I always seemed to either burn it, or turn it into a sticky gooey mass. So, I went in search of a rice cooker. Hey! I need more gadgets and any way, this one I can justify!

Off to the local kitchen ware store. They had a few available so I tried one. And another. And then one more. The last one was a name brand that all of you would recognize.

I expected more from it than the others. Big mistake. Still had scorched rice, had to constantly stir and ended up with sticky rice blobs because of it.

Ok, there has to be one that really works. Husband to the rescue! He researched and found one that had great reviews. It’s not the cheapest and it’s not the most expensive although it’s pretty darned close.

I opened it on Christmas and went OOHHH and AAHHH to show my appreciation.

Now the moment of truth. Will the thing WORK! time to find out.

I read the directions. Not alot of help there. Someone needs to write these things in English. Maybe I will and give it to anyone who buys one from my site. Just ridiculous!

Anyway, put my wonderful Lundberg Jasmine rice in and pushed the button. 15 minutes later this heavenly aroma is wafting its way through the house. Then the long awaited “beep” to let me know all is done.

The moment of truth has come. Will the rice be one big burnt blob? Will it be one gooey sticky mass? Will I really want to eat this? Time to lift the lid and find out.

Catch me as I fall over! The rice is fluffy, and perfectly cooked. Praise God and pass the butter! I am so pleased with this cooker that I make rice in it at least twice a week.

You Need This Rice Cooker.

Bite the bullet and get one. They’re not cheap, but I have never had one that works as well as this one. Ever! Don’t even think about it. Get one today. That’s how sure I am you will love it.

Panasonic Rice Cooker: buy it here


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