Mini Donut Maker

I saw this electric mini-donut maker and had to try it out! I immediately adapted a Poppy Seed Donut Recipe and tried it out. I had guests coming that evening and wanted to see what they thought.

The donuts were a big hit! Many compliments on how they tasted like the “real” thing and not gluten free!

This machine is very quick, taking only 2 to 3 minutes to cook six mini donuts. The tricky part is getting the batter into the small sections that cook the donuts.

Here is how I solved that problem.

Mix up your donut batter and place it in a large zip type bag. Use the bag like a pastry bag and squeeze the donut batter into the small rounds of the pre heated donut maker. This may take a little practice if you do not use pastry bags often. This is the best way to get the batter into the molds! Then bake.

When the donuts are finished, use a pair of chopsticks to pluck the donuts out of the molds and lay them on a wire rack to cool. The directions say to use tongs, but you would destroy your donuts that way.

You can also pick them up with a toothpick. If you follow these tips, your donuts will turn out great every time. If you have any children who are on a gluten free diet you need to get this machine! They will love it!

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