Gluten Free Bars: Fruit Chewy Bar Cookies

Sometimes you just want something fruity and chewy to satisfy the afternoon munchies. Take these gluten free bars along with you to the office, or pop them into your purse when you go shopping.  Take the whole pan on your next road trip or pack em up in your carry-on for a little something to…

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Gluten Free Cookies: 7 Easy Tips

Pop into any grocery store and you can find at least one kind of gluten free cookie that you can buy. All of my local stores carry something for when I get the cookie munchies. But again, the selection of gluten free cookies is very limited. Gluten free cookies can be one of your baking…

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Gluten Free Chocolate Pizzelles

My grandmother would make pizzelle cookies every year for our family Christmas dinner. 25 of us would sit around and munch on these while we waited for dinner. When we were ready to go home and take leftovers with us, the pizzelles were the first to go. You had to be quick to get any…

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