Gluten Free Cake: Decorating Tricks and Hints

Here are some decorating tricks I’ve learned along the gluten free cake road. Here’s to great looking gluten free cake! (The great taste is a given.)

Trying to make your frosted cake neat and pretty? Try frosting it this way:

Make your cake stay put by placing a dab of frosting in the center of your cake plate. Place your bottom cake layer right on top of it to help keep it one spot so it doesn’t slither around. Then slip strips of waxed paper under the bottom edges of your cake. Place your filling in the middle, top with your second cake layer and get to work frosting away.

The wax paper will keep the edges of your cake plate clean. When you’re all done making your fabulous creation, pull the wax paper slips out. That’s it. If you find that the frosting is sticking to the paper, wet your fingers a little, push on the frosting at the bottom and slip the paper out.


How can you make a double layer cake out of a single layer box mix? Do this:

Place toothpicks around the middle of your cake layer. Carefully cut through the middle with a loooooong bread knife (long being the operative word). Before you lift the top layer off, take all the toothpicks out but one. Place another toothpick on the top layer you just cut directly above the other one.

That way after you place the filling in the center and you want to line them back up again, all you have to do is match up the toothpicks. No more weird moon shapes or ski slope cakes. This gives you the flat surface you started with. Very sneaky.

And one more idea for ya…

To decorate the edge of your frosted cakes, wash and dry small fruits (like cherries or blueberries or cranberries). Take one egg white and beat it well. Place in a bowl and dip your fruit in it to coat. Then roll in granulated sugar and set aside to dry on a piece of parchment or wax paper.

You can set these around the edges of your cake plate or use to garnish a fruit platter or just about anything.

You have just made cute little sugared gems.

I hope these help you out.


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